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Gimme Gimme

They asked for light;
I gave them day.
They said, ‘Too bright!’;
I gave them night.

Luigi Coppola is a teacher and poet in London and a graduate of English & Creative Writing from Warwick University. He has been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize twice, appears in The Tree Lineanthology from Worple Press and poems have/are due to appear in: AcumenAnonAlgebra of OwlsAntiphonThe Asses of ParnassusThe Ekphrastic ReviewEquinoxEunoia ReviewFourteenThe Frogmore PapersGold DustThe High WindowInk, Sweat and TearsIotaLighten UpMagmamorphrogThe Ofi PressOne Sentence PoemsOrbisOther PoetryOtolithsPennine PlatformPoetry DigestPoets Reading the NewsThe RialtoThe Road Not Taken, THE SHOpSnakeskinSouthStrange PoetryStride MagazineUnLost and UutPoetry

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a collaboration with Mark Shuttleworth

‘Chibi Luigi’ drawing by Keeley Coppola
For other art and info: keeleycoppola.blogspot.co.uk

The Etymology of the Word 'Yes'

The poem can be read here
appearing in issue 87 of Acumen

The Prank

The poem can be read here in the Stride Magazine

She Played Piano
    & View

Published in The Road Not Taken journal
Spring 2018

Our Evolution

The poem can be read in issue 20 of Antiphon

A reading was also published on their blog
Francis Finds Himself in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time
Sorry We Missed You

Published in issue 47 of Otoliths (image by Mark Shuttleworth)

The Anthrophobe Meets The Bashibazouk

Published at the Uut Poetry ezine.

Image result for Bashibazouk
Old World Map
    after Carta Marina by Olaus Magnus, 1539

Published by The Ekphrastic Review
Gimme Gimme

The poem can be read here at 

The Paris Agreement

The poem can be read at Poets Reading the News
Section Responsibility

The poem can be read here in Snakeskin, issue 231


Published at One Sentence Poems April 2017

    & Margaret

Read the poems here and here
Published at Eunoia Review April 2017
Business Trip, 
Cædmon Sings a Different Tune
& First Book Blues

The 3 poems can be read here in morphrog 14

My Family's Guide To Manners On First Meetings

The poem can be read 

The Rat and Pigeon Just Before Dawn
         & Pronghorn

The two poems can be read here in
Listen to a reading of the poems here and here

The Crack

The poem can be read here at Ink, Sweat and Tears


The poem can be read here at Algebra of Owls
The Nothings 

The poem can be read at The Strange Poetry webpage 

That Apple
   & Project Day

Both poems can be found in issue 30 of Gold Dust


Published, on a cake, by Poetry Digest
From Down Here

Published in Fourteen, issue 9
Listen to a reading here
'From Down Here' can also be found 


Ode to Chess
    after A Hopeless Case by George Goodwin Kilburne
The poem can be read here at The Ekphrastic Review
The Choice
     after Dali’s ‘Ampurdanese Landscape’
The poem can be read here at The Ekphrastic Review


Both poems published in The High Window Poetry Review
December 2017 (image by Mark Shuttleworth)

Some Days

a found poem accepted for publication by UnLost Journal, 2017

Someone Put Bubble Bath in the Town Centre Fountain 
The poem can be read in issue 31 of Gold Dust

Print Only Publications
Tree, Bird, Plane, Cloud, Sky, Moon

Published in 'The Tree Line' anthology

Tree Line Cover Image


Published in Magma 65

The Morse Code Boy 
       & Autograph of a Thief
 Both poems published in Iota 90
Listen to readings here and here
One Last Confusing Question for Andrew
      & Mixer
Both poems published in Orbis 157 
Listen to readings here and here
Mixer can also be found on my poetry leaflet
'Manifesto' (after Résumé by Dorothy Parker

first published in The Frogmore Papers 81
Can also be found on my poetry leaflet


Published in South 46
Can also be found on my poetry leaflet

An Italian Learning French in England
Published in Equinox 24
The Eyes of Cows 
Published in Anon 8
Listen to a reading here
Can also be found on my poetry leaflet

Art by Mark Shuttleworth
To Understand
Published in Rialto 74
New Winters
Published in Other Poetry
Bukowski and I
Published in THE SHOp
Listen to a reading here
Slam the Slammer
Published in Pennine Platform
Listen to a reading here